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Fan Feedback
I absolutely love Breakthrough God! Definitely one of my favorites ???? You did a great job with it.
Faith Eastmond

I really am loving the CD! also love how many songs tie into the messages from church this past weekend.
Jennifer Stiefel

Be sure to check out the album! Awesome praise music!! Congratulations Ben Acors
Billie Carroll

I was driving listening to Beautiful Savior and was crying so much I couldn’t see the road! The CD is epic, thought provoking, and inspiring. Your intelligence shines through every song and whomever taught you to use your vocal cords that way, bless them. Thank you!
Amy Franey

Hey guys If you haven’t heard this man sing you should most definitely buy his album. Show your love and support for Ben Acors and his inspirational music. Thank you everybody. Keep up the good work Ben.
Randy Reynolds

We listened to your cd today….Loved it. The songs are beautiful.. wonderful worship songs. The truck song was cute.. liked that too! You did a great job..beautiful!
Renee Watson